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Houston Hobby Airport Informational Guide to Houston William P.Hobby Airport (HOU) - NON OFFICIAL

NetJets Aviation - Houston Hobby Airport (HOU)

NetJets Aviation


Houston Hobby Airport consists of a single Passenger Terminal equipped with both the Central and the International Concourses. Departures,ticketing and check-in facilities are located in the Level 2

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In order to check in for your flight at Houston Hobby Airport (HOU), go to departures hall in the main building terminal, or follow the instructions provided in your ticket.

General Information

- IATA Code: 1I
- Website: www.netjets.com/

Destinations Served

NetJets Aviation currently serves a variety of destinations from Houston Hobby Airport (HOU):

- La Grange (3T5): Monday
- Abilene (ABI): Sunday
- Albany (ABY): Friday
- Nantucket (ACK): Monday
- Waco (ACT): Friday
- Atlantic City (ACY): Saturday
- Dallas (ADS): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
- Alpine (ALE): Sunday
- Naples (APF): Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
- Artesia (ATS): Wednesday
- Austin (AUS): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- Tucson (AVW): Sunday
- Bedford/Hanscom (BED): Monday
- Seattle (BFI): Tuesday, Wednesday
- Beaver Falls (BFP): Monday
- Birmingham (BHM): Tuesday
- Hollister (BKG): Tuesday
- Nashville (BNA): Thursday
- Boston (BOS): Monday, Thursday
- Brownsville (BRO): Saturday, Sunday
- Baton Rouge (BTR): Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
- Buffalo (BUF): Tuesday
- Burbank (BUR): Wednesday
- Batesville (BVX): Monday
- Baltimore (BWI): Thursday
- Columbia (CAE): Sunday
- Crestview (CEW): Saturday
- Chattanooga (CHA): Monday
- Charlottesville (CHO): Thursday
- College Station (CLL): Friday, Sunday
- Corpus Christi (CRP): Wednesday
- Columbus (CSG): Wednesday, Friday
- Conroe (CXO): Wednesday, Friday
- Dallas (DAL): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- Dallas (DFW): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
- Destin (DSI): Friday
- Houston (DWH): Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
- Horseshoe Bay (DZB): Sunday
- Austin (EDC): Tuesday, Thursday
- El Paso (ELP): Thursday, Saturday
- Kerrville (ERV): Friday
- Evansville (EVV): Monday
- Key West (EYW): Friday, Sunday
- Fort Lauderdale (FLL): Monday, Saturday, Sunday
- Fort Worth (FTW): Thursday, Saturday
- Grand Junction (GJT): Saturday
- Galveston (GLS): Saturday
- Grand Rapids (GRR): Tuesday
- Columbus (GTR): Thursday
- Hawthorne (HHR): Thursday
- Wheeling (HLG): Saturday
- Houston (HOU): Sunday
- Westchester County (HPN): Monday, Tuesday
- Harlingen (HRL): Sunday
- Las Vegas (HSH): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- New Haven (HVN): Thursday
- Dulles (IAD): Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
- Houston (IAH): Thursday, Friday
- Wichita (ICT): Tuesday
- Indianapolis (IND): Friday
- Jackson (JAC): Wednesday
- Jacksonville (JAX): Tuesday
- Falfurrias (KBKS): Wednesday, Friday
- Atlanta (KFFC): Saturday
- San Marcos (KHYI): Sunday
- Ramona (KRNM): Monday
- Marietta (KRYY): Tuesday
- Waller County (KTME): Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
- Lakeland (LAL): Monday
- Las Vegas (LAS): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
- Los Angeles (LAX): Thursday
- New York (LGA): Wednesday
- Little Rock (LIT): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
- Lincoln (LNK): Monday
- Laredo (LRD): Friday, Sunday
- Cincinnati (LUK): Sunday
- Lewisburg (LWB): Sunday
- Midland (MAF): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
- Midland (MDD): Tuesday, Thursday
- Chicago (MDW): Sunday
- Manteo (MEO): Thursday
- McAllen (MFE): Thursday
- Montgomery (MGM): Tuesday
- Sacramento (MHR): Sunday
- Miami (MIA): Sunday
- Milwaukee (MKE): Friday, Saturday
- Melbourne (MLB): Saturday
- New Orleans (MSY): Friday
- Marathon (MTH): Monday
- New Orleans (NEW): Wednesday
- Oklahoma City (OKC): Wednesday
- Olive Branch (OLV): Monday
- West Palm Beach (PBI): Wednesday, Thursday
- Atlanta (PDK): Monday, Thursday
- Philadelphia (PHL): Wednesday
- Saint Petersburg (PIE): Friday
- Palm Springs (PSP): Friday
- Oklahoma City (PWA): Wednesday
- Dallas (RBD): Thursday
- Walterboro (RBW): Tuesday
- Raleigh/Durham (RDU): Saturday
- Richmond (RIC): Tuesday
- Roanoke (ROA): Friday
- Tulsa (RVS): Monday, Friday
- Santa Fe (SAF): Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
- San Diego (SAN): Thursday, Friday
- San Antonio (SAT): Thursday, Friday, Saturday
- Savannah (SAV): Monday
- Santa Barbara (SBA): Saturday
- South Bend (SBN): Sunday
- State College (SCE): Friday
- Phoenix (SCF): Tuesday, Sunday
- San Francisco (SFO): Saturday
- Houston (SGR): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
- San Angelo (SJT): Thursday, Saturday
- Salt Lake City (SLC): Tuesday
- Santa Ana (SNA): Wednesday
- Southern Pines (SOP): Thursday
- Brunswick (SSI): Wednesday
- Stuart (SUA): Wednesday
- Saint Louis (SUS): Sunday
- Fredericksburg (T82): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- Teterboro (TEB): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
- Miami (TMB): Monday
- Tampa (TPA): Monday
- Tulsa (TUL): Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
- Tucson (TUS): Sunday
- Thomasville (TVI): Sunday
- Tyler (TYR): Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
- Waukesha (UES): Thursday, Friday
- Victoria (VCT): Thursday
- Los Angeles (VNY): Friday
- Vero Beach (VRB): Thursday
- Bentonville (XNA): Tuesday
- Toronto (YYZ): Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

The information provided above does not include details about seasonal flights that are not currently being served at this moment, which means that only the flights currently in operation are covered in the information provided.